Ellen Burstyn returns to legendary horror franchise 50 years later in eerie ‘Exorcist: Believer’ trailer

Return of “Mother”, the Exorcist Universe

Ellen Burstyn is a beloved Oscar winning actress who has returned to the iconic horror series, “The Exorcist”, nearly five decades after she made her debut in 1973’s groundbreaking film. Burstyn returns to her iconic role as Chris MacNeil. The character is forever haunted and haunted by the terrifying possession of her daughter Regan, as shown in the 1973 film.

A Familiar Face in Unfamiliar Territory

The spine-chilling trailer of the next installment “The Exorcist” features Leslie Odom Jr. who is best known for his role as Victor in “Handmaid’s Tale.” He plays Victor, the widower trying desperately to save both his daughter Lidya, played by Lidya, and Olivia Marcum, her friend. Odom Jr. seeks advice from Ann Dowd who says a spine-chilling thing when asked about supernatural events. “No, but some people have.”

Burstyn, as Chris MacNeil in the film, is revealed to be one of those who has experienced the horrors before. Their journey to rescue the two girls from evil begins.

Ellen Burstyn returns to legendary horror franchise 50 years later in eerie
Ellen Burstyn returns to legendary horror franchise 50 years later in eerie

The Ritual of Exorcism

Burstyn narrates the trailer: “Exorcism, like all rituals, is a process.” It’s going take them all. This cryptic sentence hints at the intensity of the battles to come.

The Plot is Unveiled

The official synopsis states that the sequel is about Victor who must confront the darkest forces when his daughter and friend mysteriously disappear, only to return without any memory of their ordeal. Chris MacNeil is the only living witness to such evil forces.

Reimagining A Classic Franchise

David Gordon Green’s “The Exorcist : Believer” marks a fresh chapter for “The Exorcist”, set to continue its legacy from 1973’s classic film. Burstyn and her co-stars Lidya, Olivia Marcum Ann Dowd and Leslie Odom Jr are set to deliver chilling performances as expected in this highly-anticipated installment.

Trailblazing Classic

“Exorcist”, the original film, was an outstanding cinematic achievement of horror genre. Not only did it receive a record-setting 10 Oscar nominations – including Best Picture nomination – it won two: one for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Sound respectively. Additionally, Ellen Burstyn earned herself recognition with a nomination as Best Leading Actress (for her stellar role).

Mark Your Calendar

The Exorcist Believer premieres October 13, so mark your calendars! Burstyn promises an explosive performance so intense audiences will tremble with delight.

Does “The Exorcist: Believer” follow the original “Exorcist?” movie?

Ellen Burstyn returns as Chris MacNeil in “The Exorcist – Believer”, a sequel to the 1973 classic film of the same name.

What are the other cast members in this movie?

Leslie Odom Jr. and Kevin Spacey star as highly talented actors in this film.

Why was the initial “Exorcist film” so revolutionary?

The “Exorcist”, an early example of horror cinema, became one of the defining works in its genre and won multiple Oscar nominations; additionally it was even nominated for Best Picture!

Who directed “The Exorcist: Believer?”

David Gordon Green helms this spine-chilling movie.

Where will “The Exorcist: Believer” air once its premiere date arrives?

Click here for accessing the film at its premiere on October 13th.

Ellen Burstyn’s return to “Exorcist: Believer”, the franchise that first launched this movie, promises an exhilarating and spine-chilling adventure for both old and new audiences alike. Get ready to be mesmerized and terrified by this iconic horror series!

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