Uzo Aduba and Other Litchfield Max Alums Commemorate 10 Year Anniversary of Orange Is the New Black

“Orange Is the New Black” first hit our screens 10 years ago. Created by talented Jenji Kohan, this show not only provided superb entertainment but also left an indelible mark on television history. In honor of its 10th anniversary celebrations, many of its stars took to social media in celebration and appreciation of all it offered them in life-altering experiences.

“Orange Is the New Black,” often known by its abbreviation OITNB, first premiered on Netflix in July 2013. Over its seven seasons of broadcast TV at peak TV levels in 2010, OITNB left its mark and set trends.

Let’s examine its legacy more closely:

OITNB was remarkable for its ability to subvert stereotypes. With an incredible cast that included women of every age, size, race and sexual orientation – challenging conventional television norms while emphasizing representation as its core principle – OITNB succeeded in changing cultural perspectives while pushing limits with regards to representation on screen.

Celebrating Women’s Stories This show was a celebration of women’s stories. It explored the lives of inmates at Litchfield Penitentiary and gave voice to characters whose experiences often remain unsaid. Topics explored in the show included motherhood, addiction and personal growth within a prison environment.

OITNB was not simply about entertainment; it also provided a critical commentary on the US justice system, exposing its flaws and injustices while sparking important conversations about mass incarceration and prison reform.

Grateful Stars The impact of the show extended far beyond its screen.

Many stars took to social media platforms such as Twitter to express their appreciation, such as:

Uzo Aduba, best known for her memorable role of Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren in Girls, discussed her journey. Ten years prior, she wrote, she did not have an idea where her art, career or life were headed and expressed how Jenji Kohan’s groundbreaking series changed all their lives as cast and crew members were also changed by this extraordinary opportunity.

Uzo Aduba and Other Litchfield Max Alums Commemorate 10 Year Anniversary of Orange Is the New Black
Uzo Aduba and Other Litchfield Max Alums Commemorate 10 Year Anniversary of Orange Is the New Black

Danielle Brooks, best known for her portrayal of Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson on OITNB, also celebrated this milestone. Brooks remembered how her life was profoundly impacted after landing this career-defining role and expressed her deepest gratitude for being part of OITNB’s “beautiful creative family,” recalling fondly all the support and camaraderie shared among castmates over time.

Laverne Cox, Advocate and Star
Laverne Cox is an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community as well as an acclaimed star on “Orange”. Cox spoke passionately about how “Orange” had transformed both her life and that of viewers alike; recalling all her castmates and crew who helped bring it all to life with joyous memories.

Piper Kerman, author of “Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison”, paid her respects to both those who have survived prison as well as those still incarcerated and expressed hope that the show had changed people’s perceptions on mass incarceration issues.

“Orange Is the New Black” earned widespread acclaim during its run, receiving 21 Emmy nominations and four wins (Uzo Aduba won two guest/supporting acting categories). These achievements stand as a testament to its exceptional talent and storytelling that viewers could see each week on screen.

With “Orange Is the New Black” marking its 10th anniversary this month, its impactful legacy can no longer be denied. Breaking stereotypes, highlighting female narratives and challenging the US justice system were just some of the series’ achievements; along with that came praise and awards as well as lasting memories for its cast and crew that they will forever hold dear. Orange will always hold a special place in viewers hearts while its presence on television landscape will continue for years to come.

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